• For Schools
    Are teachers/teaching assistants etc checked for Safer Recruitment?

    All our teachers and other staff register online and we meet up with them or hold a Skype/telephone interview.
    We ensure they have uploaded all required information: references, CV, ID, DBS, right to work in UK, NI etc.
    We ensure a teachers/other staff are only available for booking when all safeguarding checks have been verified.
    Our teachers/cover coordinators will bring their photo ID & DBS at a new school.
    Of course, all their details are available online before booking the teacher.

    Is your system nationwide?

    Currently, no.
    However, as soon as we gain sufficient teachers in your area the system will be live.
    All we require now is your name, school email and postcode.
    We will create your school profile and ask you to check it and we'll be in touch when we are in your area.


    You will be told up front of the charges and they are detailed on the teachers profile.
    They are Teachers Daily Rate + Government taxes + £5 Teach247 commission.
    Teachers set their own daily rate and you will be able to undertake a search of local teachers, using various parameters for your search.

    How can I get more information / answers to additional questions?

    Call the office - 0203 667 2723.
    Contact Mazher Qazi (one of our Directors) on 07773812775 or Mazher@Teach247.co.uk

  • For Teachers
    Why are you so different from others?

    You are in the classroom, undertaking the teaching so you should be paid as much as possible.
    Our charge to schools is simple :
    Teachers Rate + Government Taxes + £5 Teach247 commission
    You earn more and schools are charged less.

    What is the process?

    Initially, you complete the details online.
    You set your own rate of pay, where you wish to work and your availability.
    We arrange a time to meet up and explain what we can do for you.
    We undertake all the checks and then schools are free to contact you.
    If you wish, we can ensure schools only contact us.

    When am I paid?

    Weekly. Either by PAYE or other method you are happy with.

    Do you arrange for Continuing Professional Development?

    Yes - we undertake regular programmes to keep you up to to date.
    You will be informed of upcoming training.

    Can I be registered with a Union?

    We insist upon it!
    You should be part of a Union as they provide many additional support functions.
    Many have discounted rates for supply teachers, so ask for details and we can pass on contacts to you.